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HandiFoam® now offers architects and contractors a complete solution, from the ground to the roof.

Commercial and Industrial solutions include roofing, insulation and sealant foam applications. This includes low-pressure spray, pour-in-place polyurethane foam, and low-pressure sealants & adhesives formulated to best meet your needs and application requirements.


  • Roof/Wall Junctures
  • Window Filling
  • Cold Storage Insulation
  • Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Piping
  • Interior Walls
  • Metal Buildings
  • Historical Buildings
  • Polyurethane Roof Repair


  • Sealing Building Panels
  • Silos and Storage Bins
  • Retrofitted Windows in Historical Buildings



  • Adhering Architectural Foam Shapes
- OR -
asbestos abatement encapsulation

Asbestos abatement and encapsulation

Retrofit insulation metal buildings

Metal buildings

Sealing silos storage bins

Sealing silos and storage bins

cold storage insulation

Cold storage insulation

Insulating storage tanks

Insulating storage tanks (gas, industrial, winery, etc.)

Retrofitting cinder block wall voids


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Application Method:

    Sealing roof wall juncture

    Sealing the roof/wall juncture

    Patch Repair Polyurethane Roofs

    Patch and repair roofs

    Application Method:

    • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)
    - OR -
    - OR -
    drywall adhesive

    Drywall adhesive

    Application Method:

    • One Component Polyurethane Foam Adhesive (OCF)
    adhering architectural foam shapes

    Adhering architectural foam shapes

    Application Method:

    • One Component Polyurethane Foam Adhesive (OCF)