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Energy efficiency in construction has always been top of mind for ICP and HandiFoam®. Insulation contractors have long been aware of the energy reducing opportunities in air sealing and insulating. Now with the expanded tax incentives brought to the American population through the Inflation Reduction Act, the opportunities for homeowners, facility managers and owners, and contractors are exponential.

HandiFoam products have been stopping air infiltration since the term was first introduced to the industry. The impact to the homeowner, building occupant and the contractor is lower with a lower re-entry time, less disruption to every day life or business, fewer PPE requirements and less impact on other trades.

The Inflation Reduction Act incentivizes contractors to properly weatherize a home or building by creating improved air seals through more effective insulation. This in turn, increases the value to both the contractor and building owners.

HandiFoam is the top choice of contractors for air sealing & weatherizing buildings. Click here to learn more about air sealing applications and the government incentives.