HandiFoam® Cylinder Foam

Low Pressure One-Component Polyurethane Foam Sealant (OCF)
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HandiFoam 40 Series Cylinder

HandiFoam® Cylinder Foam low pressure one-component polyurethane foam sealant (OCF) is an innovative formula which allows for a smooth bead application, with great cell structure and an improved yield. This product is designed to seal and fill small cracks, gaps, and voids for a rigid, closed cell barrier.

An adapter for gun use (F61125) is available to switch from the wand dispensing tool to a Handi-Tool®; HT300, HT500, and HT700.

This product is formulated utilizing an HFO blowing agent which is part of our ongoing commitment to developing foam chemistries with lower global warming impact and enhanced product performance.

R Value

5.00 per inch


1.3 lbs/ft3 (20.82 kg/m3)

Cell Structure 95% CLOSED cell content
Fire Rating

Caulking & Sealant – Tested 2 beads at ¾” thickness

Flame Spread: 5

Smoke Developed: 20


ASTM E84/UL 723 – UL Classified File #R18615

Shelf Life

12 months

Item Number
Dispensing Type

HandiFoam® Cylinder Foam – Cylinder Only

36108 ft (11005 m)
*Based on 1/4" bead

HandiFoam® Cylinder Foam w/ Accessories

36108 ft (11005 m)
*Based on 1/4" bead
  • Sealants
    • Residential
      • Air sealing attic
      • Sealing insulation board joints
      • Sealing electrical outlets
      • Sealing electrical openings
      • Sealing through stud penetrations
      • Sealing baseplates
      • Sealing plumbing penetrations
      • Sealing can lights
      • Sealing exterior gaps
    • Commercial & Industrial
      • Sealing building panels
    • Other
      • Repairing and sealing damaged cargo containers
      • "Tree surgery"
      • Foam base for floral arrangements

Use our Yield Calculator to determine how much low pressure polyurethane foam you need to complete your next project.

*Yields are based on theoretical calculations, for comparison purposes, and will vary depending on ambient conditions and particular application. Other two-component foam product yields are shown on the specific Technical Data Sheet. These examples are representative of other products of similar size.

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