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The Magnum Heated System® Hose Assembly keeps the chemicals at a consistent, warm temperature as they travel through the dispensing unit. Coupled with the Magnum Heated System® Tank Wraps for storing and maintaining chemical temperature, the system allows for optimum foam properties. The temperature control offered by a Magnum Heated System® Hose Assembly is imperative for continued dispensing in cold climate conditions.

The Magnum Heated System® Hose Assemblies are available through your local distributor for your Magnum Heated System®.

F66550 25′ (7.6M)
F66551 75′ (23M)
F66552 150′ (45M)
F66558 50′ (15.2M)


Item Number
Additional Info

HandiFoam 25' (7.6M) Heated Hose - 3/8" (9.5MM)


HandiFoam 75' (23M) Heated Hose - 1/4" (6.4MM)


HandiFoam 150' (45M) Heated Hose - 1/4" (6.4MM)


HandiFoam 50' (15.2M) Heated Hose - 3/8" (9.5MM)