New HandiFoam HVLP System Provides a Tested and Proven Simpler Solution

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NORTON, Ohio – December 19, 2019 – ICP Building Solutions Group (ICP BSG), the foremost supplier of professional products and solutions for building envelope, cementitious and sports surface needs, has announced the release of HandiFoam® HVLP, powered by Nitrosys—a unique high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) foam system designed for smaller precision jobs, full insulation jobs and any job in between.

Together, HandiFoam HVLP spray foam, the Handi-Gun II® Dispensing Unit, and the Nitrosys Plus Dispensing Unit combine to be the most trusted system in the HVLP industry. Backed by the sterling reputations of ICP Building Solutions Group and Spray Foam Systems, the system offers contractors a simple solution that reduces operating costs and paves the way for greater business growth than any other system on the market.

HandiFoam HVLP spray foam is available in a variety of formulations in 55-gallon disposable drums and is delivered using the patented Handi-Gun II Dispensing Unit. The contents of the drums are dispensed through the Nitrosys Plus Dispensing Unit: an innovative system that auto-calibrates the A and B materials while preheating the material and delivering it with third-stream air to the gun at low pressures (< 250 psi) and high volumes. The system can achieve up to 12 lbs./min. of foam output for full insulation jobs, providing the opportunity for both strong productivity and control.

The disposable, yet durable, heavy-duty Handi-Gun II used for foam delivery offers its own advantages, costing far less than a high-pressure spray gun and lasting for months when properly maintained. It experiences minimal downtime due to gun clogs compared to a high-pressure spray gun, while producing three to four times the output of competitive low-pressure disposable guns. Once the foam is dispensed, required time before re-entry is minimal: one hour for tradespeople and four hours for building occupants.

The low-maintenance HandiFoam HVLP system is attainable at a significantly lower startup cost than other spray foam systems, making it an especially affordable choice when you consider the inherent cost advantage of using drums over pressurized foam. The system also benefits from lower PPE requirements than high-pressure systems, and the dispensing rig fits into an elevator, making it ideal for use in multistory applications.

“We were pleased to partner with Spray Foam Systems, the market leader in HVLP dispensing equipment, when developing HandiFoam HVLP, powered by Nitrosys,” said Dr. Tom Fishback, Senior Vice President at ICP. “By coupling SPS’s Nitrosys Plus HVLP dispensing unit with ICP’s Handi-Gun II, we’ve developed the premier equipment system for HVLP polyurethane spray foam in the marketplace. It is a perfect solution for beginners doing touch-up work or experienced contractors doing large commercial insulation jobs.”