Fomo Products, Inc. Launches Handi-Gun® II

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Fomo Products, Inc. unveils Handi-Gun® II, a newly improved dispensing unit designed to spray low pressure spray polyurethane foams (SPF) and pour-in-place polyurethane foams (PIP).

Handi-Gun II is available exclusively at launch through Comfort RX, Fomo’s weatherization program, with HandiFoam® E84 Class 1(A) low pressure spray polyurethane foam starter kits. Its innovative design has an advanced Hi/Lo switch with meterable flow, and a simple and secure safety trigger that allows for a pinch-free operation and protection from accidental chemical release. Handi-Gun II is built to be sturdy and fit comfortably in the contractor’s hand providing more application control.

“We made significant enhancements, both operationally and ergonomically, based on valuable feedback from our customers and sales representatives,” said Zach Utz, Marketing Product Manager, Fomo Products. “We’re proud to launch this improved product, the first in the SPF market in 12 years, as it will provide a better all-around experience for the end user.”

Handi-Gun II has a responsive trigger for accurate metering, precise application, labor savings and reduced waste. Colorwise™ Temperature Nozzles twist and lock to attach in both cone and fan spray options.

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