Fomo Products, Inc. Evolves Handi-Seal® to HandiFoam® Window & Door

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Fomo Products, Inc. has launched its new HandiFoam® Window & Door One-Component Polyurethane Foam Sealant (OCF), a closed-cell, low pressure window and door foam sealant.

HandiFoam Window & Door will replace the current Handi-Seal® Window & Door OCF. With the new formulation, contractors can expect to see 50 percent more theoretical yield per container, better low-temperature performance (0°F – 100°F) – about 40° lower than the previous version and three additional months of total shelf life.

“With the new product comes new benefits that were not previously offered with the old formulation,” said Zach Utz, Marketing Product Manager, Fomo Products. “We’re proud to launch an improved product, in order to help our customers find solutions to their projects.”

Formulated with Dry Seal Technology®, HandiFoam is designed to resist moisture and prevent mold problems through the water repellant capabilities.

HandiFoam Window & Door still complies with AAMA Doc. 812 and will not bow or distort windows or doors. It also meets UL 723 Class 1 for caulks and sealants, and has maintained its distinctive gray color from Handi-Seal Window & Door allowing inspectors to easily identify the use of this product.

HandiFoam Window & Door is available in a variety of disposable sizes and is dispensed using a straw applicator or a Handi-Tool® Dispensing Unit.

Handi-Seal products will be available for purchase and shipment through September 30, 2015, or until supplies run out.