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It takes three times longer to warm a chemical up than it does to cool it down. Heating solution products help maintain an optimum temperature for conditioned chemicals.

Properly conditioning chemical temperature prior to use is critical to the ratio, adhesion, and appearance of the foam. The heating blankets provide a proper chemical temperature that ensures maximum quality, prevents chemical waste, and maximizes yield.

70209 Mobile Magnum w/ Dual Thermostat
F65230 System 8 Refill
F65231 System 17 Refill
F65232 System 27 Refill
F65233 System 60 Refill
F65234 System 120 Refill


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Mobile Magnum Heated Cylinder Wrap and Lid with Dual Thermostat


Heated Cylinder Wrap - System 8 Refill (Wrap & Hood)


Heated Cylinder Wrap - System 17 Refill (Wrap & Hood)


Heated Cylinder Wrap - System 27 Refill (Wrap & Hood)


Heated Cylinder Wrap - System 60 Refill (Wrap & Hood)


Heated Cylinder Wrap - System 120 Refill (Wrap & Hood)