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Low-Pressure Pour-In-Place Polyurethane Foam (PIP)
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Wall Seal

HandiFoam® Wall Seal effectively fills blind wall cavities where there may be little to no existing insulation. In addition, it will not shrink or settle over time like other insulation materials, providing a complete seal to stop air infiltration, while providing an R-value of 3.4 per inch. Time and labor costs are cut significantly because High Flow Technology® gives Wall Seal the power to fill the cavity completely with just one fill point per cavity. This should be verified with the use of an infrared thermal imaging camera to give customers and contractors alike the confidence that cavities are full and a complete air seal has been reached.

HandiFoam® Wall Seal is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions, providing one more level of comfort to homeowners that the product in their walls contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

R Value

3.4 at 1 inch thickness


Free Rise:
0.75 lbs/ft3 (12 kg/m3)

In Place:
1.00 lbs/ft3 (16 kg/m3)

Tack-Free Time 15-30 seconds
Cuttable 3-5 minutes
Cell Structure 95% OPEN cell content
Fire Rating

ASTM E84 Class 1 (A) at 4" thick

Flame Spread: 10

Smoke Developed: 400



Shelf Life

6 months

Item Number
Dispensing Type

System 8 HandiFoam® Wall Seal

8 gallon
147 ft3 (4.16 m3)
  • Insulation
    • Commercial & Industrial
      • Retrofitting cinder block wall voids
      • Sound deadening interior walls
  • Residential wall insulation

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