HandiFoam® General Use

Low-Pressure One-Component Polyurethane Foam Adhesive (OCF)
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HandiFoam General Use

HandiFoam® General Use, low-pressure, one-component, polyurethane foam adhesive is a moisture cured, multi-purpose adhesive designed to create an extremely strong, permanent bond between various types of building materials. After placement of the substrates, the adhesive will expand to fill in small gaps and uneven surfaces.

HandiFoam® General Use is available in gun foam and is dispensed using a Handi-Tool® Dispensing Unit.


1.0 lb./ft3 (16 kg/m3)

Fully Cured Time 12–24 hours
Full Bond Time 24 hours
Open Time 5 minutes
Shelf Life

12 months

Item Number
Dispensing Type

HandiFoam® General Use Adhesive

20 oz (567 g)
Gun Foam
3289 ft (1002 m)
*Based on 1/4" bead

  • Adhesives
    • Other
      • Adhesive for retaining walls

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